Cybercrime prosecutions rise in UK

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Hacker stealing data from a laptopThe number of prosecutions for cybercrime in the UK rose last year by around 34%.

The study was carried out by Pinsent Masons, a law firm, and also showed that the number of prosecutions for white collar crime increased as well. In 2014, the number of people prosecuted for cybercrime was 45, and in 2015, this figure rose to 61. The figures are based on the number of people who were prosecuted rather than the number of successful prosecutions that occurred.

The news that the number of prosecutions has increased was welcomed by industry experts, who said that this is a sign that the authorities are finally taking a stance against this ever-growing problem.

The figures show that the number of white collar crime prosecutions rose by 59 cases when compared to 2014. The government developed a National Security Strategy in 2010, making cyber and data security a priority for the country. Plans were also announced earlier this year for a new cyber security centre aimed at protecting the networks of the MoD. The CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Centre) will use advanced technology to protect the MoD from cyberattacks.

Most instances of cybercrime are connected to breaches of data security, with hackers hoping to gain information that will bring them financial reward. However, there are also instances of hacking on the part of political protesters.

Another survey has shown that around one third of private sector companies would consider hiring former hackers to help develop robust cyber security systems.

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