Microsoft,  2 Kingdom Street, London W2 6BD


20th September 2018

Seminar Agenda

13:00 Light Buffet & Refreshments

13:45 Welcome

14:00 Keynote Address: Cyber security in the Connected World
In the always-on, work-anywhere, cloud-connected world, how can organisations stay secure?
Speaker: Dr David Lanc PhD, Founder & CEO at Cyborn Security

14:20 Microsoft: Designing in security
How Microsoft, the author of the planet’s most prolific software, stays ahead of those with malicious intent.
Speaker: Jonathan Gray, Cyber security & Compliance, Westcoast

14:40 Mimecast: Don’t get letter-bombed
An unprotected email inbox is an open invitation for hackers, phishers, ransom-holders, spyware and worms.
Speaker: Scott Jenner, Sales Engineer at Mimecast

15:00 IBM: Anyone with a mobile device is potentially a walking data breach
A mobile workforce delivers significant business benefits but, connected phones and tablets can prove a security headache. How do you maintain the flexibility but manage the risk?
Speaker: David Harsent, UK&I Security Business Partner Manager at IBM

15:20 Coffee

15:40 Cyborn: Beyond key-based encryption
Traditional encrypted files can eventually be opened by ‘brute force’ – with ionburst fragmentation technology, the hacker has to be able to find all of the fragments and reassemble them first!
Speaker: Sophie Lanc, Chief Desgn Officer, Cyborm

16:00 Qubic: Cyber Security through people, process and technology
How to adopt holistic approach that combines a multi-layered technology defence with robust processes and staff education.
Speaker: Shane Gohil, Qubic Group plc

16:20 Panel Questions

16:40 Close


Dr David Lanc PhD

David is a serial innovator and commercial developer of next generation data privacy, keyless data security and people-centred authentication solutions, which he evangelises are essential to a secure and sustainable Cloud-connected mobile future for everyone…

David has worked at the forefront of online security innovation for over 20 years. In particular, he was the Executive Director that led RBSCards product innovation as part of its online strategy that created the global WorldPay brand.

David has been an Industry influencer via board roles on UK Chip & PIN (EMV) national rollout, Visa Europe Advisory Board for new product innovation, and CREST programme for UK securities dematerialisation. He helped shape and was first to introduce the 3D Secure online security protocol for ecommerce in 2003.

He previously led UK & global industry firsts in investment management & clearing technologies.

David has a PhD in business-technology strategy. He is a published speaker in business-technology strategy. He has several US patents in secure ecommerce, data security and authentication. He was awarded Doctor of Enterprise by Edinburgh Napier University in 2016 for services to online enterprise.

Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray heads up the cyber security team at Westcoast cloud. Jonathan has been working in IT Distribution for 13 years, he has focused on several well-known infrastructure brands and services. Microsoft being the key brand that easily makes its way into our everyday lives, as it should.
After moving to the UK from South Africa 3 years ago for the fantastic weather in the UK. Jonathan has since spread his wings with Microsoft’ cloud services and has just shy of 2 years’ experience in designing cloud security solutions and assisting with different ways to secure O365 applications in both cloud and hybrid environments.

Scott Jenner

Scott is a Sales Engineer for Mimecast, helping make email safer for 30K+ organisations today. Scott holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Finance and Management from Wits University in South Africa and has recently become GDPR F Certified. He has over 9 years’ experience working in most areas of IT including sales, technical consulting, implementation and operations optimisation. He is now responsible for the presales engagements, emphasising the need for cyber resilient strategies that helps protect organisations and enables them during and after an attack.

David Harsent

David’s current role is at IBM as a Security Business Partner Manager. David works with clients and the business partner channel including MSPs to achieve business objectives and develop relationships. Previously, David was a technical SME in Endpoint and Mobility Security in IBM Security.
David has worked for IBM since leaving university where he studied an MEng in Computer Science graduating with a 1st class degree. Starting on IBM’s graduate scheme in a Security Services role, he implemented IBM’s security solutions, moving then to a technical specialist role focusing on endpoint and mobility management software, then to his current role.

Sophie Lanc

Sophie Chief Design Officer of Cyborn. Sophie leads the HCI design and creative technology development. She has a First-Class BSc (Hons) in Interactive Media Design. Sophie has received industry recognition for her work in cybersecurity design innovation, most notably over the last 3 years in people-centric, personalised authentication, which is currently being assessed for patent.

Sophie received global recognition in 2015 for her design and engineering of the complex Decahex project, for its innovative and seamless use of time-motion capture technology. She was nominated for Young Innovator of the Year 2016 and was a finalist for the SWiT Rising Star award in 2017. She also achieved the coveted BS8878 Standard for Usability for her work in HCI in cybersecurity.

Shane Gohil

Shane Gohil is the lead qualified GDPR practitioner for Qubic Group and represents various businesses as a Data Protection Officer. Consulting over numerous business sectors has led to a broad knowledge of Data Protection and systems governance.

Originally from a Global Trade and Receivables finance background Shane has experience in dealing with large multinational companies offering insight and expert industry knowledge within this niche area. Shane also holds a degree in Business and Law which has allowed for easy adoption and interpretation of GDPR regulations.

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