Consumers don’t take data security seriously

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Even though companies are constantly warned about the importance of protecting their customers’ data, a study has revealed that consumers take few steps to protect their own details.

The study, which was carried out by Experian ahead of Data Privacy Day, reveals that 83 per cent of the respondents believe their daily lives have been enhanced by technology and 30 per cent believe their financial status has improved.

Other findings include 93% of the participants saying that identity theft is a growing issue and 91 per cent saying consumers need to be more concerned about data security; however, despite these concerns, just 36 per cent of the respondents said they review any changes to privacy policies when they receive notification and only 28 per cent will review the privacy policy for a mobile app before they download it.

The findings of this survey back up those of a similar survey carried out recently by the Centre for Generational Kinetics, which found that people within the ‘iGen’ – those who were born after 1996 – are less concerned about online data breaches than they are about credit card fraud. This increases the risk of identity theft for the younger generation.

As the use of digital technology escalates, so will the threat of data security breaches; therefore, it is increasingly important for users to ensure that their data is only given to trusted sources and to monitor their accounts after purchasing items online.

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