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According to the business dictionary, the definition of Compliance is: – ‘Certification or confirmation that the doer of an action (such as the writer of an audit report), or the manufacturer or supplier of a product, meets the requirements of accepted practices, legislation, prescribed rules and regulations, specified standards, or the terms of a contract’.

Heavy stuff, but Compliance in specific sector specialisms is vital to the ongoing operation of any business and is a requirement no matter what sector you operate in.

Not just from a legal perspective, but also to keep you up to date with the latest processes which in turn will keep you in the loop in a competitive environment.

The word can also often cause fear and disdain but it does not need to be that way. If followed correctly, staying compliant can have many benefits. Such as it acts as a driver to improve process and the ability to shout about your accreditation’s to ensure client confidence in your Company.

We have compiled certain steps for you to follow to ensure you remain compliant and avoid any unnecessary risks to your business, these are: –

  • Ensure you meet with divisional leaders to update policies and procedures and make sure they are still relevant.
  • Ensure your policies and procedures are accessible to all staff – This will help your staff effectively play a major role in keeping compliance up to date.
  • Set Deadlines – It is up to you to keep up to date with changes to legislation and by setting regular deadlines for policies and procedures, this will ensure you do not fall behind in any lawful changes.
  • Embrace technology – Automate compliance procedures to make your life a lot easier.

Compliance should not just be whispered, it should be shouted about, it can be a very viable USP which can be maximised as a tool to dazzle your clients and prospective new business whichever sector specialism you operate in.

Gaining accreditation’s in your industry is a good representation of your company’s compliance standards.

Accreditation’s are a way for you to stand your company out form the crowd as a major unique selling point which can be used in the sales process and may be a deciding factor in the buyer’s perspective.

For more information about compliance and Qubic’s sector specialisms, watch our latest video below and download a free copy of our case studies info pack highlighting our five core sector specialisms HERE

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