Companies not ready with data loss prevention solutions

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Data securityResearch has shown that while the majority of IT security professionals are happy with the arrangements made by their companies, more than a third have admitted that there is no dedicated data loss prevention solution.

The research was conducted at InfoSecurity Europe 2016 and looked at how companies are using data to develop stronger security strategies. The results have shown that with the move towards cloud computing, 95% of professionals are fully aware of the risks, while 62% have already taken steps to protect against these same risks. However, this still leaves more than a third of businesses that have no strategy in place to deal with these risks as they arise, which is a concern as cybercrime is increasing on a daily basis.

More than half of those surveyed believe that their company still needs to define its cloud strategy in addition to increasing employee’s knowledge about data security threats. Around one third have stated that they are looking to change their cloud provider in order to improve data security.

Data security risks can have a major impact upon a business, and the research shows that companies need to look closely at their security plans. Taking a traditional reactive approach is no longer sufficient due to the rapid pace of technology development. Businesses instead need to consider an approach that is analytics-based and visibility-rich.

It has been pointed out that even the most experienced and well-trained IT security professionals are finding it very difficult to deal with the ever-changing data security landscape.

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