Companies failing on data security training

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network and data protection concept with padlock and switchResearch has shown that around 44% of companies believe that data security training is not necessary.

This is despite the majority of these companies having a formal process for data protection. The research also shows that around 22% of IT professionals have used a cloud computing platform for file sharing in order to store confidential information. A total of 10% of these professionals have also shared data with businesses and people outside the business.

Of the 2000 professionals that took part in the study, 13% said that they had experienced an instance of lost data at work. A further 5% said that they had been hit by a data breach. Those who were surveyed said that 14% of staff members had previously opened unsecure links received through email and that public Wi-Fi connections had been used when working on confidential data.

Researchers indicated that the technology behind file sharing is sound, but it is actually a lack of knowledge and awareness that is the problem. Businesses would benefit from making a little more effort to train staff, as this would help to keep data more secure. Simply wanting to put data security measures into place is not enough.

Companies could also benefit by taking a few additional measures such as starting a list of recommendations for data protection, or looking into content management best practices. The survey also examined the data geographically, finding that IT professionals from Northern Ireland had the most laid-back attitude towards data protection.

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