Cloud storage of sensitive data on the rise

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A new report has revealed that 85% of senior IT professionals say that they are using cloud computing to store sensitive data.

At the same time last year, this figure was just 54%. However, this increase does not mean that companies are now becoming more confident in the cloud, as it is also revealed that they still have concerns about data security.

A total of 70% of companies state that they are concerned about hacking and data security breaches at their cloud provider, while 66% are worried about the risks of using shared infrastructure. A further 66% say that they are concerned about a lack of control over where data is stored, and 65% are worried about a lack of a policy on data privacy.

The report asked professionals which changes could be made to persuade them to use cloud computing more. Nearly half, 48%, wanted to have data encryption on their premises, 36% wanted detailed information on data security provision, and 35% wanted to see encryption within the infrastructure of the cloud provider.

One of the authors of the report has stated that for many, the issue of security is not a prime concern when new technologies are adopted. The concerns about data security have come about because so many are using cloud technologies to store sensitive information.

Half of the participants in the survey stated that they were going to be using big data environments to store sensitive information and therefore security is a much bigger concern, with many concerned about the level of security on reports that might contain sensitive data.

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