Cloud migration a success for most companies

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Businessman working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interfaceIt has been revealed that around 95% of companies have achieved a successful migration to the cloud.

A study was carried out which showed that some of the most popular cloud apps including Microsoft Office 365 are used regularly by companies and that these have been easy to transfer to. Only a small percentage of users have categorised their experience with the transfer as poor.

Around half of those who took part in the survey said that there was less need for effort with their storage management or with the data recovery systems. Two thirds of respondents said that since they migrated to the cloud they are able to complete tasks much more quickly and efficiently. The report focused on these results in its conclusion.

The report has stated that cloud computing apps are “at the heart of the evolution of IT”. These alterations to the landscape are changing the traditional work of the IT professional, meaning that they need a wider variety of skills than in the past as technology develops at a rapid pace.

There has been a dramatic impact on the culture in various businesses with the help of cloud apps and this has been particularly evident in IT departments. Apps that are moved over to cloud systems reduce the need for IT administrators to carry out the day to day tasks that they are used to, allowing them to be a little more creative and innovative with their work. Users themselves also find that they can be more productive with their time.

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