You can now order from Walmart through Google Home

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Google and Walmart have entered a partnership: it is now possible to order groceries from Walmart straight from the comfort of your home by using nothing more than Google Home and your voice.

This move towards digital transformation will make it much more convenient for Google Home users to get the things they need delivered straight to their homes. As long as the order exceeds the store’s minimum, usually in the range of $25 to $35, the shipping is free.

Google decided to enter the new partnership as a response to Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo. However, even before the company’s partnership with Walmart, Google Home made it possible to order goods from Walgreens and Costco.

Since Amazon is pushing into the grocery market, as indicated by its Whole Foods acquisition deal worth $13.7bn, Google needed to come up with a move of its own, and it looks like this is it.

To streamline the ordering process even more, Google Express is linked with Walmart’s Easy Recorder, which allows you to create a shopping list of items you’ve purchased before.

Through the Easy Recorder Data, the app will be able to offer personalised recommendations. If customers decide to link their Walmart accounts to their Express accounts, the Google Assistant will be able to do the same.

The Google Home voice shopping option will be introduced in late September. Over the course of time, Google is planning to expand this to Google Assistant, as well as voice interactions on other devices.

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