Call to address data security issues

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Online Data Security ConceptMPs are calling upon the government to urgently deal with the issue of data security in light of the new Investigatory Powers Bill.

A number of measures have been recommended in order to curb data security breaches. One of these is to directly connect the pay of chief executives to cyber security and to introduce prison sentences for those who illegally obtain and trade personal data.

The Investigatory Powers Bill has suggested that internet companies can hold on to communications between users for a year, but this has raised warnings from the Information Commissioner’s Office, which believes that it will lead to additional issues. The department of Culture, Media and Sport is calling upon the government to consider stronger security requirements and better background checks to be carried out on those who have been given access to this data.

MPs launched an inquiry after Talk Talk suffered a data breach and they have produced a report indicating that the ongoing threat of cyberattacks is increasing, which affects all industries.

It may also be the case that businesses are fined if they do not report the breaches when they should. MP Jesse Norman has pointed out that for consumers, cybersecurity is key and it is also important for the UK economy. He says that businesses need to have strong processes and strategies in place. He believes that lessons can be learned from data security breaches such as that seen at Talk Talk, both in preparation for preventing breaches and how to deal with them when they occur.

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