Call for more ambitious targets on broadband

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broadband cablesThe government is being encouraged to review targets for residential and business broadband.

The Queen’s Speech at the state opening of Parliament stated that the government is making it a priority to give everyone the legal right to faster and more efficient broadband. The legislation is known as the Digital Economy Bill and it states that the Broadband Universal Service Obligation will bring with it a guaranteed speed of 100Mbps. However, it does state that some properties in more remote areas will have to make a contribution towards the cost of installation.

The aim of the new bill is to provide better access to faster residential and business broadband and ensure that the UK is seen as a leader of the digital world.

The treasury spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats, Baroness Susan Kramer, has said that the plans are not enough for what new businesses need and what they should expect to have in the future. She has said that the government is pushing for things that could be considered disruptive, such as driverless cars.

Advances in technology like this rely on an adequate broadband service. She has said that simply promising a connection of 100 Mbps is not going to be enough to meet the requirements of new businesses. She believes that describing this speed as ‘high-speed’ is something that most people in the technology sector find embarrassing. The spokeswoman wants the government to review the legislation again and determine a much more realistic figure.

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