Call for evidence on business broadband to end

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Computer wiresThe government has announced that the call for evidence on business broadband provision will be ending in June.

The aim of the review is to ensure that business broadband costs are as low as possible. The call for evidence is due to end on 3rd June 2016. The government has reported that the rollout of superfast broadband has made great progress, but has also said that concerns about the provision of good quality affordable broadband are being taken seriously.

A recent survey of engineering firms carried out by the Engineering Employers Federation found that more than a quarter of firms are having problems with connectivity. The survey also found that around half of the companies that took part in the survey did not get broadband speeds of more than 10Mbps, not including those using leased lines. In response to the survey, the business secretary Sajid Javid said that all businesses need faster broadband in order to survive.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills said in the ‘Review of Business Broadband’ that broadband can transform the potential of a business. However, the EEF has found that a quarter of businesses are paying in excess of £5000 a year for broadband services.

The business secretary reported that the government is also going to examine the various barriers that currently prevent companies from obtaining the faster broadband services that they need, including the issues surrounding leased lines and their impact on the broadband market.

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