Businesses urged to consider move to hosted telephony

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The use of cloud computing is on the rise and businesses are now being urged to consider moving their phone services over to hosted telephony.

Hosted telephony has been described as the way to future-proof business operations, with a move to hosted VoIP considered one of the best ways to protect a businesses against BT’s plans to remove ISDN lines within 10 years. Digital communications are traditionally carried out over ISDN lines, but it is a good idea for companies to look at alternatives.

Hosted telephony places the operation of a telephone system in the cloud and can bring together different types of communications, including data, voice and video, in one place. Companies are also discovering that they can save a great deal of money working in this way and it is a very convenient option.

There is no requirement for in-house hardware when using hosted communications. The usual type of hardware needed is expensive to acquire and install; however, with hosted services, all upgrades, problems and maintenance are offered via remote support and are usually included in the cost, meaning there are no unforeseen expenses.

The use of hosted services also allows companies to consider scalability. When extra phone lines are needed, they can be added without delay, which means a growing business will not face any stumbling blocks. It is telling that SMEs are currently more likely to move over to hosted telephony than larger businesses. Hosted telephony also helps companies that want to offer more flexible working options.

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