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Organisation Mobility London

According to a recent report by global management firm Accenture, 43% of firms ranked mobility as the highest or second highest priority in the next few years for their organisation.

Organisation Mobility is so much more than just being able to work from any device, anytime, anywhere.

The world is a 24-hour constant operation with business not stopping just because the clock hits 5pm in the UK.

Any company can now become global overnight due to the ease of access to overseas markets through communication, transactions, Cloud based services and increased internet accessibility.

Mobility in the work place has also been proven to increase staff performance with a 30% improvement seen in organisations productivity, 23% increase in staff productivity and (unsurprisingly) a 100% increase in employee satisfaction.

To add even more weight to the business mobility argument, another report by iGR forecast that by 2018, 50% of the world’s population first point of contact will be a tablet or Smartphone.

All of the above statistics point to the importance of organisations embracing mobility as a trend.

However, security still remains a fear for a number of organisations with 67% of employee’s citing security as a reason as to why they would feel uncomfortable adopting workplace mobility.

This fear can be attributed to numerous breaches in security over the years, however, security has become a primary focus and simply educating staff on how to remain secure should be of paramount of importance to any company’s strategic growth plan.

This can also be aided by working with the right partner for your organisations mobility requirements.

For example, Qubic Group use their own core network to allow customers to log onto their data centres with connectivity and security thus ensuring peace of mind that the organisation in question is receiving the right levels of security with the right levels of service.

For more information on how Qubic Group helps numerous clients embrace a mobility trend in their organisations, then head over to our WEBSITE or call us on 0208 936 7091 today.

Watch our latest video where Qubic Group’s Sales and Marketing Director Matthew Lambert discusses what sets them apart from their peers when it comes to ensuring clients adopt workplace mobility to maximise the potential this will have on the organisation.

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