Business apps put personal data at risk

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SecurityResearch into online security has suggested that some of the best-known and widely used apps for businesses are failing to ensure that personal data is protected.

The study has shown that the ten most widely used apps contain a number of security flaws. The issues that are affecting the apps include data storage that is not secure, transport layer protection that is not adequate, a lack of binary protection, and poor authentication and authorisation. None of the apps that were examined by the researchers use secure data storage and nine out of the ten are vulnerable to what are known as ‘man in the middle’ breaches.

Additionally, eight out of the ten apps allowed users to choose weak passwords and there were weak encryption facilities on three out of the ten, making the apps vulnerable and therefore exposing personal data of users.

The report has stated that any data that could be obtained from these apps could then be used by hackers to create more focused and targeted cyberattacks. Industry experts have said that businesses need to ensure they have ‘complete visibility’ so that control of mobile data is not lost. It is also important to improve security for issues of compliance and to ward off any data security threats. Experts have called upon the app developers to ensure that security is a major concern and that it should not be ignored in order to create apps quickly and conveniently.

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