Broadband targets expected to be missed in Wales

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Fast Internet ConceptIt has been revealed that superfast broadband provision in Wales is set to miss the 96% target.

Despite this, Wales still has the best connectivity of all the Celtic countries. In 2014, the Welsh Government announced that it would reach 96% of homes and business premises by spring of 2016. A large investment was made so that areas that would not qualify for standard commercial rollout could be reached. However, the target time is here but there are currently no figures available. Ofcom will be producing a report later in the year.

BT has said that with both the commercial rollout and part of Superfast Cymru carried out, they have been able to reach more than 1.2 million premises. The total for the country is estimated by thinkbroadband to be 87%. The independent body is respected within the telecommunications industry for being fair and accurate.

Despite the fact that this means the provision of residential and business broadband is far lower than it should be, it is still a vast improvement on the situation two years ago. In 2014, the coverage percentage was just 55%. This is for residential and business broadband that delivered a speed of at least 24Mbps. In 2015, the figure was 79%.

In Scotland, the figure is currently 85% and it is just 79% over in Northern Ireland. The figure for England currently stands at 91.5%. The Superfast Cymru project has been extended for another year, which will provide the opportunity to deliver faster broadband to a further 42,000 premises.

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