Broadband concerns raised with government

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A farm  in the  Lake District National Park,  Cumbria, England, UK.The MP for Workington has met with government ministers to raise the issue of poor quality broadband in Cumbria.

Sue Hayman met with Ed Vaisey, the minister responsible for the delivery of superfast broadband. Also at the meeting was the chief executive of BT Openreach, Clive Selley. Mrs Hayman said that she appreciated the opportunity to voice her concerns about the quality of residential and business broadband in Cumbria. Rural areas of the region are struggling to achieve good quality speeds.

She has reported that the minister told her that a combination of different types of technology are to be used to help to provide a minimum speed of 10Mb broadband to 99% of the properties in Cumbria. The aim is to achieve this target by 2020. Mrs Hayman has said that she knows that the plan to achieve this must be commercially viable.

The plan to reach the final 1% of residential and business properties will include the use of satellite broadband rather than the fibre versions. BT has also stated that it will be looking at using phone masts, in conjunction with EE, to remove the so-called ‘not spots’, so that residents and businesses in the area can get mobile broadband via 3G and 4G if other types of connectivity are a problem.

She has vowed to continue working with the government to ensure that the issue of good residential and business broadband is addressed. Mrs Hayman has said that the improvement of connectivity is vital for the British economy.

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