Microsoft targeting Android with SMS Organizer, a new app

Starting as a Garage incubation project, Microsoft SMS Organizer shows how the company is tightly focused on targeting Android smartphones as of late. At first, this particular Garage incubation project targeted Indian users. Currently, it’s rolling out in a broad fashion, meaning that users from the US, UK, and Australia will be able to get […]

Microsoft and University of WA to help endangered species

University of Western Australia’s DNA Zoo initiative has received a grant from Microsoft AI. They will allocate the funds towards preserving species that are in danger of becoming extinct. As an initiative, DNA Zoo reaches worldwide. With the help of 55 partners, they are collecting and analysing animal DNA. With the newly-obtained funds, they will […]

Mitel’s cloud communications solution named the best business tool for 2019

In a recent Newsweek survey, 10,000 professional software users were questioned. The results are in! As it turns out, Mitel developed a cloud communications solution that had the honour of being named as the best business tool for 2019. Mitel MiCloud Connect, as the solution is called, won the top spot in the communications category, […]

A new platform uses AI to understand language

In a recent digital transformation partnership, Google’s DeepMind, Facebook AI, the University of Washington and New York University have launched a platform for measuring the natural language processing (NLP) capabilities of AI. SuperGLUE, as the platform is called, is an upgrade of the GLUE platform. It was developed due to conversational AI systems having hit […]

The first 5G network in Ireland goes live

By switching on 5G in Ireland, Vodafone has become the first mobile operator to do so. Among the additional locations planned to go live in the forthcoming months, these are the regions to receive 5G: – Galway – Limerick – Cork – Waterford – Dublin In order to launch the new network, Vodafone has partnered […]

Passwords get recycled at least four times in the US

A new study conducted by came to a worrying conclusion; it turns out that an average US user has questionable habits when it comes to cybersecurity and passwords in particular. The fact of the matter is that they get recycled at least four times on average in the region specified. During the survey, 1,012 […]

India sustained the most IoT cyberattacks last quarter

Subex, an Indian digital services firm, identified a 22% increase in cyberattacks aimed at IoT devices. Based on the statistics, India is the most frequently targeted country in terms of cybersecurity attacks. In fact, this is the second quarter in succession that the country managed to earn the title. The report identified the following areas […]

Microsoft reveals top cybersecurity researchers and contributors

Microsoft made an announcement at the Black Hat security conference and named the top cybersecurity researchers and contributors. As everybody knows, naming these is a Black Hat tradition. Being placed on the list is a significant career achievement. So, without any further ado… who is deserving to bear the title of this year’s top security […]

Slack introduces new cybersecurity features for enterprise admins

Slack’s Enterprise Grid product is getting new cybersecurity features. From now on, enterprise admins will be able to set limitations on which devices and people can access Slack, thus giving them more control over data. The following features are now available: – Session management tools. In the unfortunate event that one of the user’s devices […]

Singapore introduces new cybersecurity rules

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has taken measures to make financial institutions stronger in the cybersecurity department. The requirements are set and the clock is ticking. Will they be able to make the necessary changes by August 2020? The aim of these new regulations is to mitigate the risks of cybersecurity threats. Among the rest […]