Blackphone2, a secure smartphone, launched by Samart

If data security and privacy are some of your most important considerations, you might want to check out the new Blackphone2 by Samart. The company designed the smartphone to be a great fit for online shopping and online banking activities, ensuring that your networks are safe from hackers while keeping your data protected.

Samart I-Mobile has been appointed as an exclusive distributor for the new device. According to Watchai Vilailuck, the president of Samart Corporation, they have also acquired the rights to distribute Blackphone2 in Indochina. This includes Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Blackphone2 comes with some interesting features. Among them are an advanced protection system that helps secure the data stored on the device, as well as preventing any unauthorised access attempts.

Another useful feature is the Burn Notice feature. It allows the user to decide how long a message should be stored on the device before it is deleted from both the receiving and the sending device. The biggest time span is 90 days.

The new Blackphone2 is based on Android and runs Silent Circle’s operating system. The first Blackphone was launched in 2014.

According to Mr Watchai, the new device is suitable for anyone who wants to keep their records private and secure, such as soldiers, public officers, investors, celebrities, and politicians.

Finally, he expressed his confidence with regards to Samart I-Mobile seeing positive growth this year. He expects the sales revenue from Blackphone2, priced at 22,900 baht apiece, to reach 300 million baht.