Blackberry and Punkt join forces for IoT device security

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Blackberry has joined forces with Punkt Tronics AG, a Swiss consumer electronics maker. Together, they plan to launch highly-secure IoT products utilising Blackberry’s cybersecurity technology. These products will be shipped with the appropriate BlackBerry Secure certificates.

BlackBerry Secure is a platform for connecting people, systems, devices, and processes, and is widely regarded as one of the most secure options in the industry. Products built with components from the platform promise to have top-notch security that safeguards the privacy of users, as well as protecting enterprises from attackers who are looking to capitalise on device vulnerability.

Alex Thurber from BlackBerry noted that 2017 served as a learning opportunity that taught us about the exploitative nature of devices, which means they need to be secured to prevent these kinds of issues from taking place. He believes that cybersecurity is an area not specific to enterprises, but to households as well. Naturally, people are starting to become more aware of it as well, which is why they are starting to be more careful about which products they choose to bring into their homes.

Petter Neby, CEO and founder at Punkt, added that their company focuses on technology that lets us adopt good habits for less distracted lives. By incorporating BlackBerry’s technology into their premium products, they will be better equipped to guarantee the highest level of security for their customers, without needing to make any sacrifices when it comes to the modern design they’ve grown so fond of.

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