Big data, wearables, and IoT combine to increase safety

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GuardHat, a tech startup company, is known for its innovative devices that help keep people fit. Now, their creative forces have come up with products that help workers stay safe on the job and avoid injuries.

Their new product, an IoT hardhat, was designed to protect its wearer while working in industries such as oil, gas, and mining. Containing sensors that have the capacity of transmitting data in real-time, they can report the current location of workers as well as detect dangerous environmental conditions. It can even establish video and audio contact with them as needed.

For example, if the device detects that levels of toxic gases are too high, the wearer is alerted of the danger, as are other wearers of the hat, and the control centre. It can also monitor the wearer’s vital signs.

This start-up was founded in late 2014, and the company’s products are inspired by the founders’ own experience working in these industries, allowing them to custom-tailor products to reflect the industry’s needs. It’s not just theory either, as the product has undergone many field trials by oil and gas companies.

According to the words of Flavio Villanustre, head of HPCC Systems for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, in technical terms, the hardhat takes advantage of the open source HPCC Systems platform for real-time stream processing and data analytics. Wearables such as these, he believes, have the function of protecting the most valuable asset, which is human life.

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