Benoy Tamang reveals 10 bad data security habits

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Lock and globe on  white backgroundBenoy Tamang, CEO of Efilecabinet, shared 10 bad habits that are likely endangering the data security of your organisation.

  1. Password sharing

Sharing passwords between co-workers might seem like a perfectly acceptable practice, but there is always a chance of someone else overhearing the conversation.

  1. Not varying your passwords

A lot of the people simply choose to use the same password on all of their accounts due to how simple it is to remember. Using a password app is a much better practice!

  1. Unsecure internet

No matter how comfortable it is to get your work done in a local restaurant, this is a potential risk, since hackers can get their hands on the information you transfer through.

  1. Not removing files

Certain files that hold sensitive information can become obsolete after a while, so you should be removing them as soon as possible.

  1. Unencrypted USB drives

If you lose the USB drive, all the data it contains could end up in the wrong hands.

  1. Failing to report lost equipment

People may feel the repercussions of reporting lost equipment like laptops or USB drives, but it is important to do so anyway, especially if it contains work-related files.

  1. Wandering away from the PC

Even something as quick as getting some coffee may lead to unauthorised access.

  1. Not using privacy screens

Privacy screens prevent sensitive information from being stolen from the PC by shoulder surfers.

  1. Personal mobile devices

Accessing the company’s files through a cell phone is not secure.

  1. Carrying unnecessary info when traveling

It can get lost or stolen.

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