Benefits to big data security analytics

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An industry expert has said that companies that employ big data security analytics are seeing a number of business benefits.

Big data analytics can help companies to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and more than half of companies that are using this tool have seen many benefits. The comments have been made by Carsten Bange, the Managing Director of the Business Application Research Centre. More than 40% of those surveyed have reported that the tools have made a ‘moderate’ improvement and only 6% have said that the benefits are low.

However, while adoption rates for this technology are still quite low, it is estimated that more than two-thirds of larger companies are using these tools, including the user behaviour analytics. These larger and more advanced businesses make up 13% of the sample used in the research. Those who did not categorise themselves as being more advanced, the remaining 87%, only had a 27% uptake of this technology.

User behaviour analytics can be used to ensure that cybersecurity is strong as it can spot a break in behaviour patterns that would put IT systems at risk. Bange says that the process of analysing behaviour patterns is decades old, but thanks to the new technology it can be applied to large sets of data. The analysis can be used alongside other data security measures to detect threats and intrusions. Some advanced attackers may be able to get around these technologies, but the tools can be used to help a company to improve their defences overall.

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