A bad firmware update bricks hundreds of smart locks

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IoT is a fantastic technology, but it does have its dark side. Recently, hundreds of LockState’s smart locks were rendered useless by a faulty firmware update, leaving their owners unable to access their homes without a physical backup key.

Specifically, the users of 6000i smart lock models were affected. Due to an error, a 7000i firmware update was sent to these devices, rendering them inoperable. Worse yet, since they no longer have the ability to connect to the company’s web services, no remote fix is possible.

According to the company, there are two solutions currently available:

  1. Remove the back of the lock and send it back

This way, the company can manually fix the problem in the software and ship it back to you. However, the process can take up to 5-7 days.

  1. Ask LockState to ship a replacement interior lock

After receiving the lock, you would need to install it yourself, then send the faulty one back to LockState. This solution, though, is expected to take even longer at 14-18 days.

No matter which option is chosen, the company has asked owners to let them know of their choice via email, so that the process can begin. Luckily, they are willing to cover the shipping costs both ways, as well as offering one year of free service for the LockState Connect Portal.

The big takeaway here is to anticipate that no technology is perfect, no matter how great, and IoT is not immune to errors either. That’s why being prepared with a backup plan is always a smart thing to do.

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