American government sponsors new IoT cybersecurity bill

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The American government has new legislation in the works. The new cybersecurity bill, known as The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Act of 2017, was designed to establish proper industry standards with respect to IoT devices being sold to the government.

While IoT technology is making our lives easier in almost every way imaginable, it is often perceived as a cybersecurity threat. This is because many of these devices have not been designed with proper cybersecurity measures in mind. For example, some of these devices don’t even allow for online updates, making a potential cyber-attack quite possible.

Ryan Tabibian, CEO of Daxima, believes the government is starting to recognise this threat. Although the new bill will only have a direct effect on government contractors, it could indirectly lead to better security for consumer IoT devices as well.

Although it may not be apparent, the American government is constantly investing in these devices for various purposes, including architecture, agriculture, and even defence. With every new device they implement, the potential for a cyber-attack grows larger.

The proposed bill places a new demand on IoT manufacturers that sell their devices to the government: they will need to provide a way to regularly patch them, as well as not use hard-coded passwords that serve as a backdoor.

Still, it should be emphasized that the US doesn’t really have dedicated legislation that would cover this field, and the new bill is no silver bullet either. However, perhaps this is the beginning of a new era.

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