Amazon to create 1000 new job positions in the UK

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Amazon has officially made plans to hire over 1,000 new people for their various digital transformation projects having to do with software engineering, machine learning and R&D.

The company will be hiring in the following areas:

– Edinburgh

– Manchester

– Cambridge

Doug Gurr, Amazon’s UK country manager, described them as “Silicon Valley jobs”.

Moreover, Amazon will be opening a new corporate office in Manchester. The 90,000 square foot site will be a new home for more than 600 staff members who will be working on machine learning, software development and R&D.

Amazon will also be expanding its development centre in Edinburgh, adding 250 new staff members to the team. Currently, the location houses hundreds of machine-learning scientists, user experience designers and software engineers. The Edinburgh teams are working on personalised shopping recommendations and new advertising technology. Its Cambridge development centre and the R&D employees are working on the following:

– Amazon Alexa

– Amazon Web Services

– Prime Air (a drone-powered package delivery system)

– Machine learning and retail systems

Reportedly, since 2010, Amazon has invested more than £9.3bn in the UK. By the end of the year, the company officials are estimating they will reach 27,500 staff members.

Interestingly, the announcement was made less than six months before the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union for good. Some tech companies are worried about the consequences this will have on their ability to sell to European markets. According to the international trade secretary Liam Fox, however, UK is very much open for business.

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