Building Solutions

Adding value by combining building blocks

Adding Value

Most IT resellers are simply that – resellers. They take products or services that have been developed by others, add a mark-up, then resell them to end users, often handing-off the support to the manufacturer. Qubic is different. Qubic takes products or services and treats them as components in creating added value solutions.

Take, for example, Microsoft Office 365. This is a subscription service provided by Microsoft and there are many ‘resellers’ who will offer Microsoft Office 365 but then they pass through all of the configuration and support to Microsoft, usually because they don’t have the expertise or resources to do anything else.

Delivering Solutions

Qubic’s approach is different, Microsoft licence their software through  subscription, but that’s it. Qubic will develop a transition plan, migrate the organisation’s user to the new solution, deliver the connectivity, house the data in UK datacentres if needed and provide on-going support.

Another example is circuits. Most resellers will provided a circuit ‘as-is’ from a carrier. The circuit’s configuration is determined by the carrier and is fixed. Qubic approaches the provision of circuits differently – Qubic takes a ‘wires-only’ circuit that is delivered directly to one of our UK datacentres. Qubic then adds services such as Direct Internet Access (DIS) or Quality of Service (QoS) for voice. Because we control the services that are provided over the circuit, it can be re-purposed almost at will.

In all cases, Qubic uses the products and services provided by our world-class suppliers then adds-value by using these as components to build a total solution.

Adding Value through People

We have a team of highly skilled individuals
Most of our engineers have been with us for over 10 years
We invest heavily in professional training
Advice to get the right solution first time

Adding Value through Technology

Delivering innovative technological solutions
Enhancing products like Microsoft Office 365
Powerful UK core infrastructure
Redundant multi-vendor interconnect giving high levels of resilience

Adding Value through Process

Proactive monitoring and management
We can deliver round the clock 24/7 support
We are accredited to the highest standards
including ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001
We employ PRINCE2 project management