World-class Technology Partners


World-class, Best in class

Qubic is an independent organisation and chooses to partner with multiple, world-class technology partners. This has two main benefits for our clients. The first is ‘Best in Class’ and the second is Resilience.

Qubic has a diverse range of customers in terms of size, business sector and specific needs; no single vendor has the right product for every situation. Take for example, data switches. For most customers, the manufacturer of the data switches is not very high on their list of priorities but, there are subtle differences that can affect performance, compatibility or security. Qubic carries data switches from both Cisco and HP, two of the world’s leading data switch manufacturers – carrying a product, doesn’t just mean that we buy ‘out-of-a-catalogue’ and ship it on, Qubic has engineers that are fully trained and experienced in the configuration and support of these switches.

This philosophy is repeated across our product portfolio; in terms of telephony we can offer both Mitel, microsoft & Amazon; for connectivity, we deliver circuits from Vodafone, CenturyLink and BT Openreach; for colocation services, we have presence in datacentres provided by Global Switch and Equinix; and so forth.

This world-class technology partner policy gives us a blended best in class range that allows us to design solutions with an open mind rather than being narrowed by the range of a single vendor so we can deliver better, more appropriate solutions.


Our world-class technology partner policy delivers resilience. Particularly in the connected world of business, having multivendor provision is becoming more important. Having a single circuit into a building is risky in case the circuit fails – having a backup from the same vendor can help but if that vendor’s core fails or there is an issue with their equipment in the local switch. Having multiple circuits from multiple vendors mitigates that risk.

This is the same with datacentres or relying on Microsoft to store all of your files and emails, we will always be able to provide alternatives to add resilience.

Key Partners


Qubic is Microsoft Gold Partner and uses Microsoft technology in the Qubic Cloud Nexus. Qubic can aggregate and manage Microsoft Azure services through the Qubic Cloud as well as providing Microsoft end-user software such as the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

Amazon Web Services logo

Qubic is an Amazon AWS Partner. AWS can provide computing on a short or longer-term basis with customer self-service. Qubic can aggregate and manage AWS services through the Qubic Cloud.

HP Enterprise logo

Qubic partners with HPE for the provision of LAN and WAN infrastructure as well as the provision of HPE GreenLake providing infrastructure as a service.

Citrix logo

Qubic specialises in Citrix based desktop and application virtualisation solutions; with a wealth of knowledge in hosting Citrix hosting technologies, we offer unique, tailored VDI solutions.

Fujitsu logo

Qubic delpoys the latest server technology from Fujitsu as well as high-performance, resilient SSD storage.

Mitel logo

Qubic is one of the few organisations that is authorised to use Mitel technology to create its own services. It uses Mitel technology to provide Think Nexus® telephony that can be extended with Contact Centre and Collaboration functionality.

Vodafone logo

Qubic is a Vodafone Specialist Partner and uses ‘wires-only’ Vodafone circuits to build its direct-to-cloud Think Nexus® Connectivity services ranging from Gigabit to Fibre broadband as well as mobile  3g/4g/5g services.

CenturyLink logo

Qubic uses CenturyLink to blend with other Tier1 carriers to deliver its Think Nexus® Connectivity. Qubic also employs high-availity CenturyLink SIP trunks.

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