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Qubic Group plc

Qubic Group plc is an experienced, specialist cloud voice and data company that has been delivering integrated services since 1995. The organisation provides a range of cloud services; computing, telephony, cybersecurity and continuity along with the associated connectivity, support and professional services. The cloud services are delivered through a combination of Private and Public Cloud which includes Qubic’s Cloud Nexus and other cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and HPE’s Greenlakes.

At the centre of Qubic’s delivery of services is its own Cloud Core.

Qubic has equipment in multiple UK datacentres that are all interconnected by diverse multiple circuits from many different providers. This creates the Qubic Cloud Nexus. Services can be provided at the Qubic Cloud Nexus or managed through the Core so in effect, Qubic acts as a Cloud aggregator. Circuits connect directly to the core without crossing the public internet to provide a faster, more secure connection direct to the Cloud giving remote users a ‘near LAN’ experience. Services such as Direct Internet access (DIA) or Quality of Service (QoS) are added at the Core. Customer on-premise servers can also be integrated into the Cloud Core to provide a hybrid Cloud.

Because of the design of the Qubic Cloud Nexus, Qubic can deliver services globally and has many customers with multiple locations across the UK and overseas.


Qubic Group has a team of highly-skilled and highly-experienced people, many of whom have been with the business for over twenty years: it is this blend of experience and knowledge that sets us apart.

The team will work with you to understand your business now, where it needs to be and what constraints there are. Using our expertise, we’ll design your Cloud migration roadmap before taking you on the journey, at your side the whole way.

Our team will design and commission the new technology then, through our on-boarding process, your business and your people make the transition. We will work with you to decommission any equipment, services and licences that are no longer require to ensure you realise full-value. Our technical support team’s will constantly monitor your systems to keep them safe, secure and operational – if issues do arise we are available to remotely fix or if needed, one of our team will come to your site.

The experience we have gained allows us to develop creative solutions to problems – combining experience and our core network design lets our engineers think ‘outside the square’.

With an eye to the future, our account management team will work with you to develop and manage a continuous Cloud implementation plan that keeps you ahead of the wave.


When it comes to technology, Qubic Group only partners with industry leading hardware and service providers for Cloud services. Qubic doesn’t simply churn out pre-packaged products; we design a solution that’s right for you using our own infrastructure and a blend of technology from world-class organisations including Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Mitel and Vodafone.

At the heart of our Digital Transformation technology is the Qubic Cloud Nexus. This is a Cloud platform that is built across multiple, highly-secure UK datacentres. Our Cloud Nexus interconnected across the datacentres by multiple high-capacity circuits from multiple Tier 1 service providers. This Cloud Nexus design results in a robust, secure, highly resilient environment. The Cloud Nexus lets us create high-availability managed solutions for our customers that are kept secure and up to date by our technical support teams.

Connectivity to our Cloud services is fast and secure. We provide connectivity ranging from business broadband to high-speed enterprise grade circuits. We take ‘wires only’ circuits from the likes of Vodafone, BT Openreach or CeturyLink that go directly from our customers’ premises to the Cloud Nexus without crossing the public internet. This makes access to the Cloud services fast and secure; break-out to the internet is provided from our core.

We offer enterprise-grade Cloud telephony built with Microsoft Teams, Amazon Connect or Mitel technology using the same; environment, core network, connectivity and security regime. The Cloud telephony services are controlled by Qubic and we can provide Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, interconnects to legacy systems and full integration of Teams with traditional phone systems, for example, Mitel. Our flexible, licence driven approach means different users can have different features, depending on their needs, from a full blown compliant multi-media contact centre to a flexible mobile workforce.


Qubic Group has robust processes in place to help deliver Cloud migration. Underpinning everything we do is ISO: 9001, the internationally recognised Quality Management standard that gives our customers reassurance that we have robust, recorded processes in place to manage all aspects of our business.

When it comes to bringing about the change, we employ PRINCE2 process-based project management methodology to help deliver on time and with the minimum of disruption. Security of data is massively important to all our customers but to some, particularly in Professional Services, their data security is governed by legislation and compliance directives from professional bodies.

Qubic holds the ISO 27001:2013 Security accreditation that lays out robust processes for managing both its own data and our customers’ data.

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