Micromax Evok Power plagued by inherent data security issues

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Micromax Evok Power, a new smartphone device with 2 GB of RAM and a 4000 mAh battery, is going to be launched soon. Even though the specifications are decent for the price, there is a glowing elephant in the room that needs to be addressed: its inherent data security issues.

The issues, specifically, concern the phone’s bad data security design which is tied to the Micromax account.

Upon starting up the phone, you are immediately directed to a site where you are told to sign into a Micromax account. While true this is not a mandatory step, if you go forward with making the account, you are asked for all sorts of personal information.

Even though this is not problematic on its own, the issue arises with the way Micromax handles the information you entrust them with. Their policy clearly states that the information you provide will be shared with unnamed third party vendors and business partners.

As unsettling as this may sound, the data security issues do not end here. Micromax fails to provide any sort of guarantee when it comes to a potential loss of your private information on your Evok Power phone. The same can be said if your data were ever to become corrupted.

Would you be willing to entrust your personal data into their hands, even though their policy clearly seems to be a bit sketchy? Our best advice is to avoid doing so for the time being, at least until Micromax provides a good explanation for it.

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