Maximising Productivity in the Professional Services Sector

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What gets measured gets done may-be a cliché, but it remains one of the most applicable terms in business.

The saying has never been more prominent than in the professional services sector where the whole segment is based on improving productivity and growth of businesses across the economy.

In a report by PWC, the Professional Service sector is responsible for 15% of GDP, 14% of employment and also 14% of exports (source)

These astounding figures make the sector critical to the growth of the UK economy and ensuring the sector is secure and compliant, becomes paramount to the continued contribution to the growth of the UK industry.

Utilising your IT in the Professional Services Sector

So far, we have established the importance of the sector to the economy, but how can you ensure you are running a seamless operation maximising your IT capabilities? Thus, ensuring you can measure performance?

Having the right IT ‘wrap around’ for your organisation can play a key role in monitoring a number of factors for your Professional Service business, such as: –

  • Annual Revenue per Billable Consultant
  • Billable Utilization
  • Project Overrun
  • Project Margin

Having the right balance of voice, data and connectivity whilst being correctly regulated is a must and often, organisations will use Cloud Hosted IT providers to stay ahead of the game.

This enables them to have confidence that they are backed up and secure with access to their information from anywhere and anytime with a disaster recovery plan securely in place should the worst happen.

Compliance is Vital in Professional Services

The professional services are a heavily regulated sector, thus ensuring you meet the necessary compliance procedures is vital to not only growth but ensuring you stay in business.

There is a fine margin between staying compliant and falling foul of regulation changes with the ISO:27001 standard (which includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes) a must for any organisation.

In a previous blog you can read HERE, we wrote about the business dictionary term of compliance and the critical importance it plays in the growth of any organisation.

Watch our latest video below where The Qubic Group management team discuss why Qubic are market leaders in the Professional Service sector for IT Cloud hosted services.

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