5 million properties suffer with low broadband speeds

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Langsamer Internet ZugangThe CLA has issued a warning that around 5 million properties in the UK are regularly seeing broadband speeds of less than 10Mbps.

The CLA’s deputy president, Tim Breitmeyer, has said that this is the equivalent of half of all rural properties, both business and residential. He has also pointed out that a fifth of all properties in the countryside cannot get residential or business broadband with a speed of more than 5Mbps.

He believes that rural businesses are suffering as a result, as they do not have the broadband speeds necessary to help with growth. Strong digital connectivity is essential for companies to achieve their full potential, as it makes national and international trade easier.

The CLA has staged a seminar that brought together the policymakers, broadband industry experts, and landowners, so that they can present their point of view and work out how the provision of better residential and business broadband in rural areas can be achieved.

Mr Breitmeyer has said that the stakeholders will be looking into how to find a way to bridge the digital divide between provision in rural areas and that in urban areas. The aim is to make progress in finding a solution that will help rural businesses to overcome connectivity problems.

After the seminar has taken place, the CLA will be producing a report, and the contents of the report will be revealed at the Rural Business Conference, due to be staged by the CLA in Westminster later on this year.

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